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Jigsaw Ransomware which is propagating past few months with the capabilities of not only encrypting the files of the victims but also deleting the files if the ransom is not paid. A ransomware

The latest version of Crypto Locky Ransomware seems to be propagating treacherously. Once this ransomware infects the victim machine, the files are appended with ‘.ṣhit’ extension after encryption. The variant is primarily infected through email campaigns.


Ransomware has become the most important news in the computer security space in recent times. No day passes without a story about a latest ransomware. As per one of the recent survey one in fifty people are affected by ransomware [1].


The feel that secretes superabundant adrenalin, where your heart pounds, turning your skin pale and cold, with your eyes wide open and that’s the worst stroke that none of us wants. Bumped into something that makes you dumbfounded, shaken, mystified, thinking what went wrong and that how-how-how moment running your eyeball at your own device display?