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The feel that secretes superabundant adrenalin, where your heart pounds, turning your skin pale and cold, with your eyes wide open and that’s the worst stroke that none of us wants.

Bumped into something that makes you dumbfounded, shaken, mystified, thinking what went wrong and that how-how-how moment running your eyeball at your own device display? 

In the cyber world, extorting money by locking down victim’s system is the prime complication encountered in the industry and Ransomware is the topic that we are talking here. 

With the power of anonymity and the opportunity through Bitcoin, the Ransomware's makes a king’s ransom from innocent victims at an extraordinary rate. 

The idea of locking the user’s system for profit is not something new and it existed way back to 1989. The cyber criminals have only evolved. The recent Cryptolocker to TeslaCrypt is evident for this. 

A Ransomware is a piece of malicious code, that is developed with an intention to lock the victim’s system or the disk for money. 

Essentially, the Ransomware’s are divided into two categories i.e. Crypto and Locker Ransomware’s. The former encrypts the data and the latter locks the computer system. One action that these two have in common is extracting money from the victims. 

Through various evading techniques and tactics like using powerful cryptographic algorithms, password protected archives to code obfuscation, the modern Ransomware’s bypasses various security technologies like IDS, IPS and the Endpoint protections. 

The most popular approaches that are used by Ransomware's to infect victim’s system include displaying fake AV’s advertisements, through well planned social engineering attacks, Malvertisement, drive by downloads and much more. 

Somewhere at the middle of something we would have heard of Crypto-lockers, Win-lockers, Ransomware as a Service (RaaS), Tox, CoinVault which are few popular Ransomware concerning terminologies which will stir your interest to know more. 

JigSaw, a Ransomware that has recently been deployed by the bad guys - not only encrypts the files, but also deletes it if the victim takes too much time to make the ransom payment. Of late, Jigsaw has become a headache for the security companies until a universal decryption method was found. 

With the constant releases of Ransomware and their success rate, it is only evident that the users have to be trained on the following things: 

1. Be aware of what is happening in the security world.

2. Run all your software’s up-to-date by patching.

3. Always use multiple levels of security solutions like antivirus, end point protections, IDS/IPS, etc.

4. The last and foremost is Backup your data. 

Anything and everything is in a real need to be cautious about. We live in a century where not just locking our home or locker makes us completely secure. When our paper works and physical currency turned to digital forms, we forgot to think about the thieves, who are not physical anymore. More the advanced technology more the advancement in threats. 

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