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Name Department of Justice
Type Locker Ransomware
Encryption Type Base64
Short Description The Department of Justice ransomware is a computer infection that displays a screenlocker that does not allow you to access your Windows desktop until you pay a ransom.
Symptoms This ransomware will lock the victim device and all of its application so that whenever the victim tries to login he will not be able to access it, instead it will display a ransom note lock screen demanding the victim to pay a certain amount of ransom inorder to decrypt all his files, and also to gain his access back. This ransomware will ask you to pay a fine of $300 in form of moneypak voucher.
Distribution Method Exploit kits, adult sites or compromised website.
Image  Department of Justice
More Details

This type of Ransomware can create a certain registry entry so that it could run every time you start your machine. Once it is running, you will have your system completely locked so you will not be able to perform any tasks there. Department of Justice Virus demands its victims to pay a fine of $100, $300 or $450 depending on different versions through Moneypak or Paysafecard in order to unlock their computers. By receiving a payment from a pre-paid card, then victims have no way to trace their money and get the money back once they find out Department of Justice is a scam.