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Android Defender


Mobile Ransomware

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Short Description

Android Defender, which was first spotted in mid-2013, is a typical example of a fake antivirus and probably the first actual ransomware targeting Android.


Continues Pop-ups

Distribution Method

Fake downloads.



Android Defender

More Details

This ransomware tries to make it appear to victims that they are using only legitimate security application, It fools the victim very brilliantly by showing the actual name that exit on the phone’s memory card that makes it more believable. The names that are displayed are real names , these makes the ransomware more legitimate.

At a certain stage the user starts doubts and tries to close the program but the fake av makes the phone unusable by displaying continuous pop-ups and many others. Later on in 6 hours after its initial launch it starts to be more aggressive it launches full screen window with hardcore images which cannot be closed.

After making the victim devastated the ransomware demands the ransom at a higher stake, the victim who is affected has no other go than to pay the ransom.