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Name Paycrypt
Type Crypto-Ransomware
Short Description This ransomware belongs to the crypto-locker family.
Symptoms Victim may witness the wallpaper changed and some files will have custom extension and become Dos type URrl
Distribution Method Via malicious Files, exploit kits and compromised URL’s.
Image  Paycrypt
More Details

Once this ransomware infects the victim it creates a lot of files in the key folders. Such as %tem%,%appdata%,%roaming%.

The encrypted files are added up with a different extension . the files are encrypted with randomly generated number which is then followed with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It is found that some of the victim were able to contact the attacker and were able to lower the amount of ransom that was demanded for decrypting the files. This ransomware is available in the deep web even this ransomware is sold as a ransomware as a service.

This ransomware blocks the victim from accessing security websites.